Presentations 2017


USE 2017 provided the valuable opportunity to share the latest research in workplace health and safety. Thanks to the following presentations, we gained an understanding of the unique needs of small businesses and strategies for cultivating healthy work environments.

As a reminder, CME, CNE, and CECH continuing education credits are available for some of the conference presentations. Instructions for submitting continuing education credits are available here.



  • Pathways to Implementing Total Worker Health: Implications for Small Enterprises, Glorian Sorensen, PhD
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place—Small Business Dilemmas in the Control of Occupational Health and Safety, Peter Hasle, PhD.
  • Is ‘Human Resource Management’ a Catalyst or an Impediment to Achieving Worker Well-Being and Sustainable Business Success?, John Boudreau, PhD


  • Research to Practice Panel


Improving Safety in Small Enterprises

The Informal Economy

Tools, Resources, and Systems for Small Enterprises

Total Worker Health in Small Enterprises

Vulnerable Workers

Workers and Their Families

Impact of Business Size

Meaningful Work

Support Networks

The Role of Public Health in Small Enterprises



  • Challenges for Safety and Health in Industries with Contingent or Intermittent Employment: Experience from the Construction Industry in the United States, Knut Ringen, DrPH
  • The Fissured Workplace and the Future of Work, David Weil, PhD


  • Small Business Perspective Panel I
  • Small Business Perspective Panel II


Health Services for Small Enterprises

Prevention in High-Risk Industries

Occupational Safety and Health in Small Industrial Settings

Wellness Programs in Small Enterprises

Workplace Health and Safety in Construction



  • Safety Training for Small Construction Contractors: Cases from Columbia and the USA, Luz Stella Marín, ScD
  • What is Total Worker Health for Small Manufacturing Businesses? Lessons Learned from an Integrated Workplace Safety — Smoking Cessation Intervention Study, Lisa Brosseau, ScD
  • Workplace Mental Health: Developing an Integrated Approach in Small Enterprises, Tony LaMontagne, ScD


  • The Future: Where Do We Go from Here Plenary